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Meet Sabrina

Newest member of the DIGITAL TOUCH VRX family!
At Digital Touch VRX, we pride ourselves on quality, not quantity! We maintain the highest standards when it comes to our dolls, so rest assured your buying a doll that’s 10/10 “A Dime piece” as they say.

We cater to all taste buds, no matter what your palette desires at any given time….we have the perfect doll for you. So be easy, relax, light up a scented candle and get ready for a ride that you will NEVER FORGET!


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1 review for Sabrina

  1. Chris

    I understand the fears and worries of buying one but reviews helped me so I’m posting a good review. Try not to wait too long and regret it like me. But that’s all in the past and in the now things are great. Also the doll is great for depression and anxiety.

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